Mobilisation of Transgender Communities in Eastern Partnership and Russia

Human Rights Conference, fre 3 aug 15:00–16:45

  Mobilisation of Transgender Communities in Eastern Partnership and Russia

Mobilisation of transgender communities in the Eastern Partnership Countries and Russian Federation is a relatively new phenomenon, that is affected by constant struggle for equal representation and access to resources. Transgender communities in the post-Soviet contexts remain largely excluded from legal systems, are trapped in medicalization (often affected by prejudices and Soviet education of the medical specialists) and face brutal violence and discrimination. While some of these challenges are common to transgender community globally, others (such as politicization of SOGI issues) are particular to the region, its totalitarian past and affect the development of the movements in a way that can be quite different from their Western European counterparts. So, what are the main mobilization strategies that transgender movements in the regions choose? What do they assess as the main successes and main challenges? What are the resources and support that they need? And how can donor organizations like Sida provide such support or otherwise contribute to strengthening and growth of the transgender movements in the region? During the session we will attempt to tackle all these questions.

Activists from Moldova and Ukraine. Birgitta Weibahr, Senior Policy Specialist Human Rights and Democracy at Sida.

Moderator; Satenik Sargsyan, International Program Officer, RFSL.

Datum/tid: fre 3 aug 15:00–16:45
Typ/kategori: Informativa > Debatt/panelsamtal
Arrangör: RFSL, Eastern European Coalition for LGBT Equality, Sida
Plats: EuroPride House, Human Rights Conference (Foajé 3, Våning 3)
Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Sergels Torg 1

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