Council of Europe and the work for LGBTI rights.

Human Rights Conference, fre 3 aug 14:00–14:45

Council of Europe and the work for LGBTI rights.

LGBTI - persons all across Europe face legal burdens and obstacles when it comes to private and family life. Politically, little has been done on a pan European level in this field, partly since it’s been hard to predict the outcome of initiatives but mostly due do the huge differences in approach towards these political issues across our continent.

In this session, you will hear from the two CoE rapporteurs on LGBTI rights, Jonas Gunnarsson, Sweden, and Piet du Bruyn, Belgium. They will talk about the reports on the rights of transgender people, of intersex people and of the situation in Chechen Republic (Chechnya). We will also get updates on the Recommendation of Ministers on LGBTI rights from 2010. What is the situation now in member states?

The Scembri report from 2016 on discrimination of transgender people in Europe was a landmark victory. For the first time ever, trans people’s rights was elaborated on in a very in-depth and inclusive process by a convention-based multilateral international organisation. Jonas Gunnarsson will talk about this. Piet du Bruyn will report on his reports “Promoting the human rights of and eliminating discrimination against intersex people” and “Persecution of LGBTI people in the Chechen Republic (Russian Federation)”.

Participants: Jonas Gunnarsson, Sweden; and Piet du Bruyn, Belgium, Council of Europe rapporteurs.

Organised by EuroPride

Datum/tid: fre 3 aug 14:00–14:45
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Plats: EuroPride House, Human Rights Conference (Hörsalen, Våning 3)
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