Secret Courtyard Party for Europride

City Events, fre 3 aug 19:00–22:00

Warm welcome to a beautiful hidden courtyard on Södermalm!

The Courtyard of the Dutch Residence, located in the Louis de Geer Palace, is an oasis in the center of Söder. To celebrate EUROPRIDE, we invite you for drinks, live DJ sets from the Acid Amazons (Switzerland) and DJ IWEARSHIRTS (FR/SE) in a stunning setting rarely open to the general public. The moving artwork, the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress will also be on display.

During the celebrations, the artwork ‘the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress’ will be exhibited.

Attendance is free but sign-up is REQUIRED!
Rsvp via the link below before the 1st of August:

More about the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress:

The Amsterdam Rainbow Dress is a living work of art, made of all the national flags from countries where homosexuality is illegal, on penalty of imprisonment, torture or capital punishment – her powerful message represents the disconcerting status quo of anti-LGBTI
legislation worldwide. The iconic dress calls for inclusiveness and encourages to actively defend and share acquired freedoms.
When a country abolishes their anti-LGBTI legislation, the respective flag shall be replaced with a rainbow flag. Over time, the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress shall gradually transform into an enormous rainbow. The work of art measures over 52 feet / 16 meter in diameter
and currently consists of 75 national flags, one rainbow flag (in place of Belize) and a bodice constructed from the Amsterdam city flag. This underlines the need for the city of Amsterdam and the Kingdom of the Netherlands, with her free-spirited and progressive nature,
to remain open, aware and receptive towards LGBTI-refugees too.

Datum/tid: fre 3 aug 19:00–22:00
Typ/kategori: Socialt > Mingel/häng
Arrangör: EUNIC Stockholm (Spain)
Plats: Louis de Geer Palace
Götgatan 16
Pris: FREE