Gay (male) Leather–Fetish history from 1950s and up to today

Kinkykvarteret, lör 4 aug 22:00–22:45

A small history lesson (with Power Point) on the development of gay (male) leather clubs and bars in the 1950's England and the USA and up to today's international and Swedish gay fetish scene including the male leather/fetish club SLM Stockholm (est. 1975. SLM=Scandinavian Leather Men).

Johan Falk, activist in the gay movement and veteran in SLM Stockholm. Member of the SLM ADH Group (Archive, Documentation and History) as section manager. Johan Falk, former activist in the Swedish gay liberty movement and veteran of SLM Stockholm.

Datum/tid: lör 4 aug 22:00–22:45
Språk: Engelska
Typ/kategori: Informativa > Föreläsning/utbildning/information
Arrangör: SLM Stockholm
Plats: EuroPride Park, Kinkykvarteret (KinkySalen)
Östermalms IP, Södra Fiskartorpsvägen 2
Station/hållplats: T-Stadion