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Peer Rope

Warm welcome to Peer Rope Stockholm
You who are curious about ropes - to tie or become bound.

What we do is called shibari or kinbaku and has its roots in Japan.

Peer Rope Stockholm meetings are a place to tie and learn more.

We want it to be easy to get to know new people with the same interest, to broaden their knowledge and to get inspiration. Talk and laughter and new friends are what characterizes a meeting with Peer Rope Stockholm

We who organize Peer Rope Stockholm meetings are happy to tell you about ropes, to bind and to be bound.

Read more: http://www.peerrope.se/index.php/sv

Wed 1 Aug 3:00 PM

Wed 1 Aug 4:00 PM

Wed 1 Aug 5:00 PM

Wed 1 Aug 7:00 PM

Thu 2 Aug 2:00 PM

Thu 2 Aug 3:00 PM

Thu 2 Aug 4:00 PM

Thu 2 Aug 6:00 PM

Thu 2 Aug 7:00 PM

Fri 3 Aug 2:00 PM

Fri 3 Aug 4:00 PM

Fri 3 Aug 8:00 PM

Sat 4 Aug 2:00 PM

Sat 4 Aug 4:00 PM

Sat 4 Aug 9:00 PM